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Mild Steel

Mild steel, otherwise known as ‘carbon steel’ or ‘plain carbon steel’, is the most common form of steel used for non-specialist applications.

Mild steel is a more economical alternative to stainless steel and the welding process presents far fewer problems. However, it should not be used in a corrosive environment unless some form of protective coating is applied and therefore requires more maintenance.

Fabrication Methods

Mild Steel can be cut, shaped and joined using:

  • TIG, MIG & Stick Welding
  • Press brake bending
  • Punching
  • Sheared and sawn


Duffys offer a range of finishes for mild steel including:

  • Painted finish (to specification)
  • Powder coating
  • Hot dipped galvanizing


Mild steel is often used in the engineering sector and construction industry for its cost effectiveness and adaptability.

Mild Steel (Carbon Steel) is used to manufacture:

  • Gates
  • Barriers
  • Railings
  • Construction fittings
  • Bollards
  • Steel staircases
  • Ballustrades