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Complete Fabrication Service

With continued investment into the facility and equipment, combined with the engineering knowledge of our team ensure Duffy Stainless Steel can produce what you need and meet your expectations every time.

Laser Cutting

Duffy Stainless Steel offer a laser cutting service for thicker materials or where dimension tolerances are more critical.

While not as cost-effective as punching it is often the process of choice due to the accuracy and repeatability it provides.

CNC Punching

Duffys combine CAD technology with the latest CNC punching machinery to cut out any shape or design needed to fabricate a particular part.

With a wide selection of punch shapes and sizes, Duffy Stainless Steel has the flexibility needed to produce any part quickly.

TIG Welding

Duffy Stainless Steel use TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding for all stainless steel and most of our aluminium welding requirements.

TIG welding can fuse-weld components, purge weld, or add 316L grade filler wire to produce stronger fillet welds.

MIG Welding

Duffys use the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) process for all of our mild steel welding and some of our aluminium welding where appropriate.

MIG welding produces the strongest welds for mild steel and its speed allows for a more cost effective finished product.

Specialist Finishing

Duffys offer three types of finish for stainless steel;-

Brushed or Satin finish – Abrasive wheels are used to create a fine grain on the surface of the material.

Electropolished finish – The surface is polished to a standard brush finish and then put through an electrochemical process.

Mirror finish – The surface is mechanically polished until there is no grain left, creating a near perfect finish that is blemish free and sterile.

Delivery & Installation

Duffy Stainless Steel can deliver nationally and internationally using reputable couriers, or provide in-house delivery if timescales or fragility are a concern.
Their team of highly skilled fitters have years of experience installing items in all businesses and conditions.

In particular, the Duffy Stainless Steel installation crew have specialist knowledge installing parts in the most demanding clean room environments and have all the relevant training.